Wears Like New

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Are you looking for a quick way to get rid of your trendy, hardly used items- that you just don't wear anymore? Bring them in today!

We're looking for young adult and teenage styles that are within the LAST YEAR of style. Bring in what you have and we will give you cash on the spot! Current, trendy items that are in season only. 

Items must arrive in ready-to-wear condition.

of current style. freshly cleaned and odorless. on hangers or folded nicely in totes- NO GARBAGE BAGS. without stains, rips or any other defects. in season.

January through March- Spring

April through June- Summer

July through September- Fall

October through December- Winter

Buyout Hours

MONDAY                 10am to 6pm
TUESDAY                 10am to 6pm
WEDNESDAY          10am to 6pm
THURSDAY              10am to 6pm
FRIDAY                     10am to 6pm
SATURDAY              10am to 6pm
  SUNDAY                   Not Accepted

What we're looking for...