Wears Like New

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Welcome to Wears Like New

Offering affordable style in Flint, MI!

About Us

At Wears Like New, we want to change the "stigma." For consignment stores, it's often a negative one. People see them as “thrift” stores and aesthetics and customer service are not usually made a priority. At WLN, we strive to create a creative and unique resale shopping experience. We believe in fashion and the importance of looking and feeling good in what we wear. Our goal is to make secondhand shopping a fashion experience that is affordable and approachable for everyone.

We have been in the Flint area since 2001 and have always loved our community and the amazing things happening here. At Wears Like New, we want to invite people to join in on the fashion narrative in Flint and the surrounding communities. We want you to be a part of each others' stories by consigning and selling items to WLN. You are giving your previously loved items a chance to be a part of another person’s story!